Today we will see the factors which help us towards Successful Trading.

"Approach towards Trading" is the first Factor. Trading in Stock Market is not a part time job first of all.

Approach towards Trading in stock Market should be specific like any other successful business model. It cannot

be like when you want, you add money in Trading Account and when you want, you withdraw money from Trading Account.

There must be sonme constructive & disclipned Management before you start Trading. Many of us are unknown about the

fact that there isa big difference between Trading and Speculation in Stock Market. Majority of people speculate with

their hard earned money in the name of Trading due to lack of Proper Knowledge.’

So "Proper Knowledge" is the second key factor towards Success in Trading. With the help of proper knowledge

we can realise that how Trading is an activity where Trades are taken with the help of calculative Risk and Analysis.

Profit and Loss are the two sides of Trading. we can never expect only profit in every trade and also we should not

frustrate with any loss in the particular trade. Successful Trader always finds a path,in between these profit and loss

with proper knowledge for good returns on capital invested.

"Consistency" is the third factor we must consider towards successful trading. Majority of people start 

trading activity with an excitement. But they cannot continue it for a long period due to many reasons. We must

be ready for consistant smart work for success in Trading like any other successful Business model.

People must also work on Physibility , Sustain ability and Profitability factors before trading. A successful

trader always knows in advance that wich product for trading is physible,sustainable and profitable for him or her.

Fund Management - Risk Management - Trade Setup Management - Time Management - Emotion Management . 

These are six types of Management one should learn before starting trading activity professionally.